Are you interested in teaching with Galaxy, and would you like to be involved in this event? There are two ways you can do this, either by teaching a session, or by helping out with answering questions from participants via Slack during the event.


Would you like to teach a session during the Choose Your Own Adventure day? We are happy to add your training to the program!

There are two ways to add your session to this event:

  1. As a video session - record your training session, we will add this to the program!
  2. As a supported session - here you do not record a video, but agree to be present on Slack to offer support to the particpants who are following your tutorial that day.

If you are interested in either of these options, let us know on Gitter!, and have a look at this document for next steps.


This global event is only possible thanks to a global community of Galaxy trainers. Are you willing to help with this event by answering questions from participants during the course (via Slack)? Please let us know on Gitter, and see this document for next steps.